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In English

Suomen Vartioliikkeiden Liitto ry is a trade association of the private security industry with the purpose of promoting
o the business interests of its members
o the interests of its members concerning employment contracts
o co-operation of its members.

The members of the association are private security companies who want to promote the development of the industry, especially regarding legislation, consumer protection and the training of personnel. The association issues official opinions in legislation projects and participates in the work of different committees connected with the private security branch. Every year the association selects a distinguished guard among the personnel of its member companies.

Services of private security industry
Whether you are a private person or a representative of public or private sector, we are at your service.

Do you want to ensure that your operations can run undisturbed? Contact our member companies! If you are interested in our publications, please continue to Publications and Learning Material.

Our member companies offer you
o guarding, order supervision and security control services
o cash handling and cash processing services
o technical surveillance.

Many security tasks presuppose security companies and its personnel specific licences issued by licensing authorities.

Companies who offer guarding and cash-handling services must have a license, and the persons who perform the tasks must have a guard identity card.

Private security sector as employer
The private security industry offers interesting jobs. Vacancies are listed on the websites of the Ministry of Labour and on those of our member companies. The majority of the employees work as security guards, cash transporters, security controllers, order supervision officers and security officers and in different tasks at cash processing centres.

Member companies
Contact details

Suomen Vartioliikkeitten Liitto ry
Box 62, 00131 Helsinki

Mikko Mäenpää
Phone: +358 50 337 9234


Jarmo Mikkonen

Vice Chairman
Juha Murtopuro